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Traffic Areas... Are They Dirty or Worn?

Like all textiles, carpets will eventually show signs of wear. The wear patterns will first show up in the heaviest traffic areas. The wear creates an illusion of soiling, which often causes frustration and misunderstanding between homeowners and carpet care experts. Even though a carpet has been cleaned, it does not mean worn traffic areas will look new. The situation creates what is known as traffic lane gray and has also been nicknamed "ugly out."

There is not a lot a carpet care expert can do about traffic lane gray. When a 10-year-old carpet is cleaned, you will end up with a clean 10-year-old carpet. It may not appear to be as new as you had hoped. Just like when you throw your old pair of jeans in the wash, the worn areas will still be evident, but they will be clean.

Tips for prolonging wear:

The best way to keep your carpet looking its best is to properly maintain it. Vacuum thoroughly as often as humanly possible, vacuuming removes loose soil before it becomes embedded in the fibers.

Use proper spotting methods. Do not use any product on your carpets unless it is advised by Raymond or Brandon at Mott's Carpet Cleaning. Use of the wrong cleaner can permanently "set" a stain that might have been easily removed with the proper product. Ask us for a recommendation on a carpet spotter that will remove most common spots and stains without causing carpet damage or re-soiling.

Have your carpet cleaned by us at least once a year, more often if you have heavy traffic from kids and pets. The removal of soils and stains will refresh its appearance while ridding the fibers of abrasive materials.

The stain resistant treatment that was originally applied by the carpet manufacturer will wear off, especially in the traffic lanes; have it re-applied when you have your carpet professionally cleaned by us. Just ask for carpet protectant.


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